Terry B. (fair_gains) wrote,
Terry B.

5:54 - 21/1/97. Much belated.

The proffs have been making up in work for the extra days of vacation for sure. (Meg says they're probably also buffing us up for Current Events. No argument.) First evening since coming back I'm not too beat to bother with this thing (doesn't help I forgot to take it home in the rush) and just remembered I promised Lynnie I'd write this down.

Fair haul for Yuletide this year:
• Dad & Ma: M.E., The Philosophy of the Mundane (prolly Dad); B.B. A History of Magic (prolly Ma); L.H., Beauty and Brains: Biography of Rowena Ravenclaw (definitely Ma—still think it was supposed to be in Meg's pile); C.E., Right Not Might: Merlinian Philosophy of Arthurian England (definitely Dad).
• Meg: silver Ravenclaw pendant, however she managed that. (Since apparently I complain too much each year how everyone's got crucifix necklaces and we can't go around wearing pointy hats or mini-Merlin-staffs on chains. Even so, all the muggle neighbours asked what the "R" was for; I told them it was for my middle name and let them stew some more on how they can never guess it.)
• Lynnie: clay dragon candle-holder (complete with candle) she made herself. Surprisingly recognisable. (Writing by it now.)

EDIT (after dinner): Conversation-with-Meg clip of the week:

HER: I love how you can make the words "current events" feel like expletives.
ME: You mean they're not?
HER: Also, your assumption on the division of books is completely sexist.
ME: No, it's not.
HER: Ya, it is. Why would you assume Ma got you the Ravenclaw book and Dad got you the philosophy books?
ME: 'Cause Dad still favours Helga and Ma's not obsessed with justifying our powers?
HER: ...True.
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