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Terry B.
Name: Terrence R. Boot [middle name a deadly secret]

House & Year: Ravenclaw, class of ’98

Background: Grew up in a middle-class wizarding family in Stoke on Trent, outside Liverpool. Terry’s father, William, is muggle-born, the child of Liverpuddlian dockworkers, whose wizarding abilities were considered a god-given blessing by his mother as the one miracle that could get him out of their situation to which he would otherwise be confined for the rest of his life. Will’s father and brother saw his attendance of Hogwarts rather differently; they accused him of abandoning and betraying his family rather than carrying out the duties of the eldest son to help provide for them. The largest fight Will ever had in his life was when his younger brother received his Hogwarts letter and tore it up himself, out of loyalty to his father. Will continues to send them money but suspects that if any of it is actually saved, it is in secret by his mother. With this legacy behind him, Will has raised his children (Terry and his younger sisters, Meg and Lynette) with little money but the sense that their wizarding abilities are a precious gift more valuable than anything else except their integrity; an incredible talent that they should never take for granted or misuse.

Their mother, Mellina, as a Hogwarts student was almost the opposite of her husband, with a fairytale story of courtship-despite-class-adversity that entranced her children (until Terry lost interest in such things). Coming from a well-off pureblood family, whose narrow views increasingly disturbed her as she continued at Hogwarts, she supports Will’s convictions but cannot always relate to the perspective from which they are coming. Still, as a woman with a good imagination, she has a talent for not rejecting any belief or habit without due consideration even where her own interpretations are more sheltered.

Terry is fairly close with his sister Meg, two years behind him at Hogwarts and also Ravenclaw, and they enjoy insulting one another in public as often as they can. In private, they are one another’s primary support mechanism and are good at reinforcing one another’s convictions and resolutions, even when they disagree. Lynnie, six years younger, will enter Hogwarts right after Terry graduates--which Terry finds a bit of a relief, less because he doesn’t enjoy dealing with her, but more because he’s not sure he could take the aging, anxiety-inducing experience of watching her go through all the developments he did while at school. Terry has been an active member of the D.A. since ’95.

Personality: Terry tends to look at the world with an imaginative pragmatism. He tends to prefer logic to fantasy, and reads fiction in order to gain some insight about the real-world context in which it was written. But he also often makes connections that don’t occur to others, most frequently because they’re about aspects of life that are usually taken for granted. Though exceedingly bright as an intellectual, he maintains the rather naive tendency to try to fit most aspects of society into logical paradigms, not always taking into account the illogical aspects of human nature. He is most concerned with notions of fairness and justice with the sometimes helpful, sometimes oversimplistic idea that there is a definitive “correct” answer. He has a tendency to work through problems by gathering all the information he possibly can on the matter (i.e. in a fight between two friends, he will get first-hand accounts from both before interfering in any way) and does tend to have good instincts where a moral, rather than factual, judgment is required; he just isn’t the swiftest at recognising this. His interest in objectivity and seeking out the truth does not prevent him from spontaneously standing up for others, even getting into a fight to defend or help out a friend or someone clearly in need (e.g. assisted Harry in the ambush on the Hogwarts Express in ’95). He can often seem arch and distant in company, but more because most things don’t phase him than because he’s actually unsociable.

Appearance: Tall and broad-shouldered with sandy brown hair, solidly-built but not particularly hefty, tends to stand (like most boys his age) with a bit of a hunch but is generally a self-composed, unselfconscious figure.


All of Potterdom is her idea, I'm just borrowing.
Terry B. is, quite sadly, played by Merry B.. Contact at halflingmerry@hotmail.com
Images used: Jake (and Maggie) Gyllenhaal

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