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Friday, January 21st, 2005
1:28 am - 5:54 - 21/1/97. Much belated.
The proffs have been making up in work for the extra days of vacation for sure. (Meg says they're probably also buffing us up for Current Events. No argument.) First evening since coming back I'm not too beat to bother with this thing (doesn't help I forgot to take it home in the rush) and just remembered I promised Lynnie I'd write this down.

Fair haul for Yuletide this year:
• Dad & Ma: M.E., The Philosophy of the Mundane (prolly Dad); B.B. A History of Magic (prolly Ma); L.H., Beauty and Brains: Biography of Rowena Ravenclaw (definitely Ma—still think it was supposed to be in Meg's pile); C.E., Right Not Might: Merlinian Philosophy of Arthurian England (definitely Dad).
• Meg: silver Ravenclaw pendant, however she managed that. (Since apparently I complain too much each year how everyone's got crucifix necklaces and we can't go around wearing pointy hats or mini-Merlin-staffs on chains. Even so, all the muggle neighbours asked what the "R" was for; I told them it was for my middle name and let them stew some more on how they can never guess it.)
• Lynnie: clay dragon candle-holder (complete with candle) she made herself. Surprisingly recognisable. (Writing by it now.)

EDIT (after dinner): Conversation-with-Meg clip of the week:

HER: I love how you can make the words "current events" feel like expletives.
ME: You mean they're not?
HER: Also, your assumption on the division of books is completely sexist.
ME: No, it's not.
HER: Ya, it is. Why would you assume Ma got you the Ravenclaw book and Dad got you the philosophy books?
ME: 'Cause Dad still favours Helga and Ma's not obsessed with justifying our powers?
HER: ...True.

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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
3:30 pm
First Place: Tie
Gryffindor: 260
Ravenclaw: 260

Just wanna say "Boo-yah!"

Whoever said Ravenclaws can't balance their eggheads on a broomstick (Megyoutraitor) obviously never met a Ravenclaw other than yours truly. Right, coach?

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Sunday, November 28th, 2004
2:47 am
Excerpt (from memory) from earlier conversation with Meg:

ME: They're all completely insane, you know.
HER: Sometimes you gotta be part of the insanity in order to survive it.
ME: What does that mean?
HER: Something to do with current events, I guess.

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Friday, November 12th, 2004
5:51 pm - 12/11/97 . Book review
I always read one muggle book with all my class stuff. Takes me a while to get through since I don't get to read much for fun while at school but I finally finished The Time Machine by H. G. Wells.

Muggles really have some good ideas about magic, in fact. Though they don't call it magic. They still have this notion that there's a hard division between 'magic' and 'science.' Which I guess they'd have to since they can muck around with one and can't touch the other, and usually don't notice if they're touched by it or blame it on something else (often science). Instead, they dream up these elaborate machines to do things that really require magical spells. I almost think of it as solidifying or visualising the spell, if that makes sense, in chemistry or circuitry or gears. It's not a bad way to think about things, since spells are usually more structured and more complicated than you would guess to see one in the moment it's actually cast.

I've been going to that auror meeting thing about the philosophy of magic, or ethics of defense, or whatever it is that Proff Lupin's been doing. Rather good, really. I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't been really paying attention to Proff Tonks, or haven't been in the D.A. for the past odd years, but if you know what you're doing it's really interesting to actually sit down and think about it. I wonder if I could start getting credit for it, like an elective or sommat.

Speaking of, Parvati, anyone want to get in some group practice on Proff Tonks's latest before the next D.A. meeting?

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Thursday, October 28th, 2004
5:08 pm - Testing, 28/10/97
A’right. Don’t know which lowbrow bugger stole my first Watcher on the train, but Ma finally sent me a replacement. Don’t think Dumbledore will penalise me but it’s still a pisser drag.

I’ve filled two pages in my sketchpad with costume ideas so far but don’t think I can actually make any of the things I’ve come up with. Maybe I’ll just tape the pages to my shirt and go as an unfinished costume idea. I’ll call it: “Misfirings of a misguided muse.” Think that’d fly? Like Longbottom on a broom.

I gotta be careful on this thing; I’ve kept journals, but it’s easier to talk about people in them because I know what I meant by even shoddily-written sentences, but here carelessness might offend someone. Ah well, apologies in advance. If I ever say write something that seems off, ask me about it; I probably didn’t mean it.

Crickey but you guys write a lot. Anything in particular I should go back and read? It’s a lot to wade through unguided, what with that thing called homework & all.

-- Terry B.

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