Terry B. (fair_gains) wrote,
Terry B.

Testing, 28/10/97

A’right. Don’t know which lowbrow bugger stole my first Watcher on the train, but Ma finally sent me a replacement. Don’t think Dumbledore will penalise me but it’s still a pisser drag.

I’ve filled two pages in my sketchpad with costume ideas so far but don’t think I can actually make any of the things I’ve come up with. Maybe I’ll just tape the pages to my shirt and go as an unfinished costume idea. I’ll call it: “Misfirings of a misguided muse.” Think that’d fly? Like Longbottom on a broom.

I gotta be careful on this thing; I’ve kept journals, but it’s easier to talk about people in them because I know what I meant by even shoddily-written sentences, but here carelessness might offend someone. Ah well, apologies in advance. If I ever say write something that seems off, ask me about it; I probably didn’t mean it.

Crickey but you guys write a lot. Anything in particular I should go back and read? It’s a lot to wade through unguided, what with that thing called homework & all.

-- Terry B.
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